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Institute of Neuroinformatics

Bachelor Programs

Neuroinformatics as Minor (Nebenfach)

As of the Fall 2018, new regulations are implemented for the 30 ECTS Minor in neurinformatics. The curriculum requires 11 ECTS in programming and introduction to neuroinformatics and 12 ECTS in computational neuroscience, neuromorphic engineering, or modeling. 
The remaining ECTS can be chosen among a list of other relevant courses listed below. Note that this list is not exhaustive, relevant modules can be added upon request. If you have already started your minor in neuroinformatics, you are entitled to complete it under the rules that were valid at the start of your minor. Previous regulations can be found here or here.

Mandatory modules (11 ECTS)
Module ECTS
BIO 134 Programming in Biology 5
INI 401 Introduction to Neuroinformatics 6
Choice modules (at least 12 ECTS)
Module ECTS
INI 402 Computational Vision 6
INI 404 Neuromorphic Engineering I Theory 6
INI 404 Neuromorphic Engineering II LAB 6
INI 415 Systems Neuroscience 6
INI 427 Models of Computation 6
227-0969-00L Methods and Models for fMRI Data Analysis 6

Remaining ECTS among the following courses

Sem. Module ECTS
HS MAT182: Analysis für die Naturwissenschaften 6
HS PHY 117.1: Physik für die Biologie 6
HS PHY 118.1: Physik I für Naturwissenschaften 5
FS PHY 128.1: Vorlesung Physik II für  Naturwissenschaften 5
HS ESC 411: Computational Science I 8
HS BIO112: Cell biology 3
FS BME 302: Systems Neurobiology 6
HS BIO343: Structure, Plasticity and Repair of the Nervous System 3
HS BIO3901: Introduction to BioinformaticsI 2
HS 0167: Biologische Psychologie Teil I 6
FS 0168: Biologische Psychologie Teil II 6
HS/FS 1573/1610: EEG-Felder und Hirnfunktionen 2
HS BME235: Anatomie und Physiologie I 5
FS BME245 Physiology and Anatomy II 5
FS BIO219: Biomedical Imaging and scientific visualization 2

Other courses are possible but must be approved by Prof. D. Kiper.

For questions about the 30 ECTS minor in neuroinformatics: Prof. Daniel Kiper (