Student Projects

UZH - ETH Zurich students:

If you are interested in working on one of the projects listed above, there is always the possibility of defining sub-projects and objectives suitable for Master theses and Semesterarbeits. Please contact your prospective supervisor directly, and arrange a meeting with him or her.

International students:

Unfortunately we do not have any means of providing financial support for internships or thesis projects. However, if you find alternative sources of funding or can provide your own financial support, we can define student/thesis projects, provide the necessary lab and office space, and supervise your work. Given the experimental nature of the work being carried out in our lab, involving the design or use of custom analog VLSI devices, it only makes sense to consider project durations of at least 6 months.

Please make sure you can demonstrate your ability to financially support yourself (mainly for visa reasons) before contacting your prospective supervisor.