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Institute of Neuroinformatics


Research projects in the NCS group

We conduct interdisciplinary research at the interface between engineering, neuroscience, computer science, and biology. We are interested in answering fundamental research questions that are related to the way neural circuits carry out computation, and at the same time in developing a new generation of brain-inspired computing technologies based on hybrid analog/digital neuromorphic circuits implemented using both conventional CMOS VLSI technology and emerging nano-technologies.

Neuromorphic Processors

Simulation and Emulation of Cortical Networks

Interfaces to Biological Neural Systems

Emerging Nanotechnologies

Neuromorphic Agents


Information on available internships and student projects is available here, and on open PhD positions here.

Funding support for our current projects comes from the University of Zurich Faculty of Science, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the EU ERC, and the EU H2020 ICT program. Previous research efforts have also been funded by the ETH, the European Space Agency, the US NSF, the Samsung GRO program, and the IEEE.