All the data and code below are made available under the GPL3 license, unless specified otherwise under the corresponding link. Please cite the relevant publication(s) if you use any of the data or code in a manuscript.

Code from Kollmorgen et al, Nature 2020

The code below implements the nearest-neighbour-based analyses in Kollmorgen et al (repertoire dating) as well as a data-browser/data analysis graphical user interface that we used to perform some analyses and to explore and visualize data (Dataspace).

Code for nearest-neighbor analyses (repertoire dating)

Code for data-browser (Dataspace)

Citation: Kollmorgen, S., Hahnloser, R.H.R. & Mante, V. Nearest neighbours reveal fast and slow components of motor learning. Nature 577, 526–530 (2020).

Neural recordings and code from Mante et al, Nature 2013

This dataset includes neural recordings from FEF and pre-arcuate cortex in macaque monkeys and code to perform Targeted Dimensionality Reduction on the recordings.

Neural recordings (ZIP, 59 MB)

Code for Targeted dimensionality reduction (TDR)  (ZIP, 864 KB)

Citation: Mante, V., Sussillo, D., Shenoy, K. V. & Newsome, W. T. Nature 503, 78–84 (2013).