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 +===== Max Delbruck papers and other material =====
 +My father Max wrote some papers and articles of general interest that I really enjoy. There is also a good oral history from Caltech's Engineering and Science Magazine. This content was inspired by the [[|Max 100 Centennial celebration at Cold Spring Harbor]] that took place August 2006, followed by the Delbruck Centrum Berlin centennial and the subsequent [[|Delbruck Centennial]] in Salamanca in Oct 2006. The first [[|Delbruck centennial took place in Nashville Sep 2006]], and the last one will take place [[|at Caltech 8 Jan 2007]].
 +==== Essays/History ====
 +  * Max's chapter entitled "**[[max:OutOfThisWorldDelbruckGamow|Out of this world]]**" about his friend the physicist and practical joker **[[|George Gamow]]**, for the Gamow Memorial Volume edited by Fred Reines, Cosmology, Fusion, and Other Matters. It is a wonderful snapshot of the culture of physics in Niels Bohr's institute in Copenhagen in 1928. To me, the title is curious because it is also the name of a famous and very effective mind-reading card trick from Paul Curry that Max liked to do for people.
 +  * Max's annotated copy of his 1978 Caltech commencement lecture "**[[max:delbruckArrowOfTimeCommencementCaltech1978|The arrow of time]]**"
 +  * Max's 1972 piece "**[[max:delbruckHomoScientificusBecket1972|Homo Scientificus according to Beckett]]**" done in question/answer style with Norm Davidson about Sam Beckett, his literary hero
 +  * The 1971 article Max wrote "**[[max:delbruckAristotleTotleTotle1971|Aristotle totle totle]]**," in which Max discusses Aristotle's view of life. From the book From Microbes to Life edited by J. Monod and E. Borek.
 +==== History related to Max from others ====
 +  * Gunther Stent, "**[[max:stentTellingNature|Telling Nature]]**" (source unknown), contains history of molecular biology.
 +  * Janet Manning's **[[max:manningHansDelbruckHistory|Personal History of Hans Delbruck]]** (Max's father, the well-known historian)
 +  * **[[max:caltechOralHistoryMaxDelbruck|Max Delbruck oral history]]** from Caltech's Engineering and Science magazine
 +==== Scientific articles ====
 +  * Max's 1970 review paper "**[[max:delbruckLipidBilayers1970|Lipid Bilayers as Models of Biological Membranes]]**" from The Neurosciences: Second Study Program
 +  * The famous 1935 paper "**[[max:timofeeffZimmerDelbruck1935|Uber die Natur der Genmutation und der Genstruktur (On the nature of gene mutation and gene structure)]]**" by N. W. Timofeeff-Ressovky; K.G. Zimmer; M. Delbruck
 +  * The 1980 paper Max wrote "**[[max:delbruckBoseEinsteinStatistics1980|Was Bose-Einstein Statistics Arrived at by Serendipity?]]**." Max argues here that Bose-Einstein statistics (describing boson statistical mechanics) was a lucky double mistake, first on Bose's part, then on Einstein's.
 +==== Videos ====
 +  * **[[max:delbruckInterviewGerman1980|The 1980 video interview of Max by Peter van Zahn]]**, the well-known german reporter who covered America. **Warning: this is a 400MB download in Windows Media format (wmv)!**
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