Scientific Programme

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NDES encompasses all theoretical aspects of nonlinear science, with particular emphasis on their interdisciplinary applications to electronic, atomic and biological complex systems. The scientific programme of the conference will comprise both invited and contributed talks, exploring these topics in many of their most recent advances.

The theme of this year's NDES conference is, "Novel technologies from knowing how networks work".

In addition to the scientific contributions, two panel discussions are planned, on more general topics of great current and future importance for our research field: "Why are there so few women in our research field?", and "Is there an academic future for young researchers?".

In parallel with the conference, we are in the process of organising a special issue of the New Journal of Physics, on a topic closely aligned with the conference; Submissions to be invited from among the conference participants and also from outside.

Invited speakers

The speakers below, who have already registered interest, are all invited speakers, though unfortunately we will not be able to provide travel funding or waive registration for everybody.

( * = confirmed )

    Alain Arneodo*, University of Bordeaux

    Stefano Boccaletti*, ISC Firenze

    Thomas Carroll*, U.S. Naval Research Laboratories

    Giulio Casati, University of Insubria

    Ned Corron*, U.S. Army RDECOM

    Witali Dunin-Barkowski*, Russian Academy of Sciences

    Jorn Dunkel*, MIT

    Celso Grebogi*, University of Aberdeen

    Plamen Ch. Ivanov*, Boston University and Harvard Medical School

    Ying-Cheng Lai*, Arizona State University

    Cristina Masoller*, Univsersitat Politecnica de Catalunya

    Yoonkey Nam*, KAIST

    Alexander Neiman*, Ohio University

    Milan Palus*, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

    Louis M. Pecora*, U.S. Naval Research Laboritories

    Arkady Pikovsky*, University of Potsdam

    Alexander Pisarchik*, Technical University of Madrid

    Hai-Peng Ren*, Xi'an University of Technology

    Michael Rosenblum*, University of Potsdam

    Nikolai Rulkov*, UCSD

    Toshimichi Saito*, Hosei University

    Willi-Hans Steeb*, University of Johannesburg

    Sebino Stramaglia*, University of Bari Aldo Moro