Maps of Zürich
You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a decent map of Zürich on the web. Well now it's easier; you just found this, didn't you?

Street map overview Zürich street map, high resolution
This is a high-resolution map of Zürich city, in four parts.
This map was made by piecing together images freely available on the web.
The external linkoriginal map is from the external linkInstitut für Technische Informatik und Kommunikationsnetze at the external linkETHZ.
PDF fileDownload map [PDF, 4 pages, 4.90Mb]
Tram system overview
Zürich's public transport system
This map of Zürich's public transport system was taken from external linkZürcher Verkehrsverbund.
PDF fileDownload map [PDF, 1 page, 622Kb]
Zürich postcode map overview Postcodes around Zürich
This is a rough map of the postcodes in and around Zürich, as far as I can make out. This comes in very handy if you're, say, looking for accommodation in Zürich over the internet, while living in Australia. ;)
The map may be completely wrong, for all I know.
PDF fileDownload map [PDF, 1 page, 2.05Mb]
Zürich city and quarter overview Cities and Quarters (regions) of Zürich
This is a very nice map of Zürich outlining the city and region boundaries. Now when someone writes 'Kreis 6' you'll know what they mean.
The original map is available from external linkthe maps page of the website of the external linkCity of Zürich.
PDF fileDownload map [PDF, 1 page, 512Kb] overview
The ultimate bad-daddy of switzerland searchable maps, external lets you zoom in from the entire Schweiz to a satelite view of a single subburb. Here's a link to a external linkbasic view of Zürich.
Zürich city map overview Zürich City plan
The external linkCity of Zürich website has a nice web-accessible interface to a external linkGIS-based map of Zürich. Unfortunately this site doesn't work with Opera. Bastards.

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