Shifting the World

1. Introduction

This module expands upon the simple D-type flip flop through the creation of a shift register. During this learning module, the shift register will be implemented in two drastically different ways, thereby showing a range of ways in which the same functionality can be created through different approaches at different levels of abstraction; behavioural and structural level in this case. During the structural level implementation the concept of modularity will also be introduced.

What are you going to learn?

By completing this module you will learn the following:

  • Tools
    • Module Hierachy
    • Adding an existing module to the design
  • Concepts
    • Continue familiarising with Synchronous Logic
    • Continue familiarising with the Sensitivity List
    • Shift Registers
    • Continue familiarising with clocks
    • Introduction to the Modular Design Methodology
    • Different levels of abstraction
    • Levels of abstraction (Structural and Behavioural)
  • Syntax
    • module instantiation during module design (i.e not within the testbench)
    • Generate statements
    • Concatination '{' '}'