iPresence - improved Presence Detector

iPresence is a solution to improve the realibility of presence detectors in terms of occupency information. The classical approach is based on movement detection with passive infrared technologie (PIR) which doesn't allow a satisfactory conclusion to room occupency (eg. problems if person sit at the table). Building automation systems require reliable infomation for best control of lights, heating and blinds.

One approach to get more accurate occupancy data is to fuse several sensor information. Activity on a computer keyboard is also a useful measure.

iPresence is a chip level vision based solution. The basic idea is to observe a room from top while detecting poeple walkting in and out. Based on this event the systems maintains a running people cont. The challange is to implement this process with a minimal computation power.

touch and feel impression of the iPresence approach (lab movie, 25MB!).