Consciousness: from philosophy to neuroscience
Seminar organized by Daniel Kiper & Guests

   Fall semester 2023

Location: Y35 F 32

    Schedule: Thursday, 5.15-7.00pm

This course is intended for all students interested in the topic of consciousness and the NCC, i.e. the Neural Correlate of Consciousness.

The course's main language is english, but discussions and questions in german are also possible.

Some, but maybe not all, lectures will be recorded and the podcasts will be posted here. Since the course is supposed to be highly interactive, we strongly encourage

physical attendance.


Most topics will be covered in articles and notes available on this web site, or that will be distributed during the course.

Here is a useful book "Philosophy of mind: a beginner's guide" by I. Ravenscroft that has been cleaned up and is searchable. In German, and in English

Successful completion of the course yields three credits, the details of the evaluation modalities will be posted here.