Consciousness: from philosophy to neuroscience
Seminar organized by Benjamin Stucky and Daniel Kiper

   Fall semester 2018

Location: To be announced (check the UZH Vorlesungsverzeichnis)
Schedule: Thursday, 5.15-7.00pm (first lecture on Thursday 20.9.2018)

This course is intended for all students interested in the topic of consciousness and the NCC, i.e. the Neural Correlate of Consciousness.

Each session will include a presentation by one of the organizers, and will be followed by a general discussion.

The course's main language is english, but discussions and questions in german are also possible.


Most topics will be covered in articles and notes available on this web site, or that will be distributed during the course.
There will be three unannounced quizzes (multiple choice format) that will determine the final grade. You need at least two completed quizzes
to pass.

Here is a useful book "Philosophy of mind: a beginner's guide" by I. Ravenscroft that has been cleaned up and is searchable. In German, and in English

Successful completion of the course yields three credits.

Slides and readings

Here is a paper by D. Chalmers that you should read, it's a very good introduction to the study of consciousness.
20.9.2018: B. Stucky. Introduction
27.9.2018: B. Stucky. Philosophical approaches