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People I work with at BORL:
PD Dr. Martin Wolf
Martin Biallas, Dipl-Ing
Dr. Thomas Muehlemann
Felix Scholkmann

People I work with at INI:
PD Dr. Daniel Kiper
Dr. Kynan Eng
Edith Chevrier
Dr. Pawel Pyk

Partners I work with:
Dr. Andreas Meyer-Heim, Karin Wick, Sonja Schlegel, Rehabilitation Center Affoltern am Albis, University Children's Hospital Zurich (CH)
Corina Schuster, Reha Rheinfelden (CH)
Dr. Ewa Siekierka, Uniklinik Balgrist, Zurich (CH)
Prof. Dr. Juerg Kesselring, Department of Neurorehabilitation, Rehabilitation Centre Valens (CH)
Dr. Michaela Coenen, ICF Research Branch of WHO, Munich (DE)
Dr. Gary Strangman, Neural System Group (NSG), Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (USA)
Prof. Mariano Sigman, Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory, University Buenos Aires, Argentina
Prof. Dr. Juergen Wenzel, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne (DE)

Student projects I was involved in:
Nagisa Kobashi, Semester project [ongoing]
Caroline Siegenthaler, Semester project 2009 [ongoing]
Anina Pescatore, Semester project 2008, A Display for Supporting Ownership of Virtual Arms
Stephanie Vuillermot, Semester project 2007, A Performance Invariant for Healthy Children and Adults in a Low-Cost Computerized Drawing Test
Karin Haegni, Master thesis 2007, The Effect of Task and Ownership on Time Estimation in Virtual Environments. / Observing virtual arms that you imagine are yours increases the galvanic skin response to an unexpected threat.