Curriculum Vitae

Born 11 August 1965, near Salisbury in Wiltshire in central southern England.


1996- Institut für Neuroinformatik der Universität / ETH Zürich. INI logo

Major Projects:

2008- CX3D (Java)

2000- Rome PCI-AER (Linux kernel driver, API library and applications; C)

2000-2002 Ada Floor, part of the Ada exhibit at the Swiss national Expo.02 (Interbus, Linux, C++, JNI)

1996-2000 SCX (VME bus, TMS320C50, C)

1986-96 Research Machines plc / RM plc

1995 Promoted to Senior Software Engineer

1994-95 Secondment to work for Prof. Rodney. J. Douglas, then at the Medical Research Council Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit in Oxford

1989-94 Systems Programmer / Software Engineer in various Product Development departments

1988-89 Quality Assurance Engineer

1987-88 Junior Engineer in Software Quality Control Dept.

1986-87 Graduate trainee year at Research Machines. Placements in: (i) Production Management / Production Engineering, (ii) Technical Support, (iii) Software Quality Control.

Major projects that I worked on at RM


1983-86 B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry at the University of Bristol. Including 2nd year Computer Methods option (FORTRAN, Microcomputer Interfacing, and Numerical Methods modules), and 3rd year thesis study of Phosphorus-Oxygen ring compounds under the supervision of Dr. M. Murray.

1978-83 Westwood St. Thomas' School, Salisbury, England. (This school no longer exists - its buildings are now used by "Sarum Academy".) A-levels: Chemistry (A); Physics (B); Pure and Applied Maths (B). O-levels: English language; English literature; Maths; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Geography; German; Statistics

Software Development Skills:


Operating systems / hardware / environments:


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