Officially, my duties here are

What this has meant in practice over the past few years is that I have mostly worked on hybrid hardware/software, Neuromorphic Engineering projects employing Address-Event protocols (e.g. AER 0.02), such as the ALAVLSI and CAVIAR projects. In particular I wrote, and continue to maintain, Linux drivers for a PCI Address-Event (AE) interface board.

More recently, I have been working on the SECO project with Frederic Zubler and Andreas Hauri (among others) with the goal of interfacing CX3D, a tool for simulating the growth of cerebral cortex in 3D, written in Java, with PCSIM, a tool for simulating the activity of neural circuits, written in C++ and Python.

In 2001/2002, I was working mostly as one of the team of people working on the Institute's project for the Swiss National EXPO.02. I also wrote all of the software, under Prof. Rodney Douglas, for the so-called 'Silicon Cortex' (SCX).

In 2008, I also worked on the institute's contribution to the University of Zürich's 175th anniversary celebration.

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