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2012-07-04 - 1.0a released

Milestone release: 1.0a. TrakEM2 is now feature complete.

2012-06-01 - 0.9i released

2012-04-10 - 0.9h released

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld for implementing the new area downsampling method for mipmaps and all other related adjustments, and for pushing for the alpha masks to be undoable and never stale. Thanks to Stephan Preibisch for lots of help with implementing integral images in ImgLib. Thanks to Darren Wong for identifying an error in that prevented the Neurite Identifying Tool plugin from running.

2011-12-24 - 0.9f released

2011-11-20 - 0.9e released

2011-10-15 - 0.9d released

2011-09-06 - 0.9a released

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld for his enormous contribution and to Martin O'Reilly for his input and testing.

2011-05-15 - 0.8p released

2011-04-12 - Open Connectome Project hosts an ssTEM image data set online with CATMAID

The Open Connectome Project is hosting an ssTEM image data set of 1200 serial sections from Bock et al. (Nature 2011). The data was analyzed with TrakEM2, using the Treeline and Connector data types to reconstruct neuronal arborizations and their synapses of the mouse visual cortex.

The image data set is deployed online with CATMAID, the Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amouts of Image Data. TrakEM2 is able to export its image data set to CATMAID with "Export - Flat Image" (with "For web"), and Treeline, AreaTree and Connector instances are currently exported with custom scripts.

2011-03-22 - 0.8n released

2011-03-05 - 0.8m released

Thanks to Volker Hartenstein, Graham Knott, Bjorn Quast, Xavier Heiligenstein, Stephan Saalfeld and Dan Bumbarger for fixes and suggestions.

2010-11-16 - 0.8l released

2010-11-03 - 0.8k released

2010-09-24 - 0.8i released

2010-09-16 - 0.8h released

Thanks to Mark Longair, Casey Schneider-Mizell, Stephan Saalfeld, Nuno da Costa, Johannes Schindelin and Verena Kaynig for reporting errors and testing out new code.

2010-08-20 - 0.8e released

2010-06-25 - 0.8d released

Thanks to Mark Longair, Davi Bock, Ignacio Arganda, Stephan Saalfeld and Alexander Seitz for reporting errors and testing out new code.

2010-06-02 - 0.8a released

Thanks to German Koestinger, Alexander Böhm, Dan Bumbarger, Davi Bock, Bjorn Quast, Ignacio Arganda, Kenny Floria, Stephan Preibisch, Stephan Saalfeld and Jong C. Rha for reports, code, testing, and offers to buy buckets of beer.

2010-03-26 - 0.7q released

Thanks to Davi Bock, Wei-Chung Allen Lee, Stephan Saalfeld, Ignacio Arganda, Dan Bumbarger, Alex Böhm, Björn Quast, Larry Lindsey and Curtis Rueden for ideas, code and bug reports.

2009-12-14 - 0.7n released

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld for relentlessly reporting (and suffering) errors to the error tracker.

2009-12-04 - 0.7m released

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld, Ignacio Arganda, Mark Longair, Johannes Schindelin and German Koestinger for code, bug reports and testing.

2009-10-01 - 0.7l released

2009-09-18 - 0.7k released

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld for developing numerous features and bug reports, and German Koestinger for bug reports and testing.

2009-08-27 - 0.7j released

2009-06-26 - 0.7i released

2009-06-05 - 0.7h released

2009-05-27 - 0.7g released

2009-05-15 - 0.7f released

2009-05-07 - 0.7e released

Thanks to Nuno da Costa for testing and bug reports.

2009-05-02 - 0.7d released

Thanks to German Koestinger for bug reports and testing.

2009-04-23 - 0.7c released

Thank you to German Koestinger and Amandine Bery for bug reports.

2009-04-21 - 0.7b released

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld, Stephan Preibisch, Jean-Yves Tinevez, Bene Schmid, Johannes Schindelin, Raju Tomer and Jacques Pecreaux for many suggestions and all sorts of contributions, and to German Koestinger, Nuno da Costa and Isabelle Spühler for their infinite patience in testing, suggesting and reporting bugs.

2008-11-13 - 0.6a released

2008-08-25 - 0.5z

From here a big thank you to Marta Rivera for a very detailed bug report that enabled me to fix the task management problem in stitching with top-left rule.

Thank you to German Koestinger for feedback on nearly all bugs above.

2008-07-23 - 0.5y

2008-07-22 - 0.5x

2008-07-15 - 0.5w re-released

2008-07-10 - 0.5w released

2008-06-24 - Fiji integration

Since Fiji inception, TrakEM2 has been part of it. To install TrakEM2 and keep it up to date, pull fiji and TrakEM sources from the repositories. Follow how to keep TrakEM2 up to date with Fiji.

2008-06-24 - 0.5v released -- Janelia Farm Hackathon 2008 release

From here thanks to Davi Bock for profiling TrakEM2. We went over 6 major bottlenecks, which I managed to design out. Davi has redefined my concept of what is a very large data set! TrakEM2 can now interactively and seamlessly browse through 55 gigabytes cut into about 20,000 images and their set of mipmaps, while preserving the ability to edit each image independently.

Thanks to Nuno da Costa for feedback on the measurement system regarding profiles.

My deep appreciation to Janelia Farm Research Campus and particularly Gerry Rubin, Kevin Moses and Julie Simpson for letting Arnim Jenett and I organize the second JFRC Hackathon. Most of the improvements above were implemented at Janelia, who very kindly hosted us all for two weeks.

2008-06-02 - ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar updated

2008-06-01 - 0.5u released

2008-05-30 - 0.5t released

2008-05-29 - 0.5s released

2008-05-28 - 0.5r released

From here thank you to Davi Bock for extensive suggestions and comments. Layer mipmaps will happen ... soon, and because of him.

2008-04-10 - 0.5q released

From here thanks to Wayne Pereanu, Janet Altman and Paul Wieringa for their suggestions and feedback.

2008-04-07 - 0.5p released

2008-04-04 - ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar updated

2008-03-25 - 0.5o released

Thanks to Wayne Pereanu for extensive testing and proposing features - we have segmented over 300 MARCM clones from fly brain using pipes, and identified them against our knowledge base (a reference project containing known pipe segmentations).

2008-03-07 - 0.5n released

2008-03-04 - 0.5m released

Thanks to Siaumin Fung for much debugging input.

2008-03-02 - 0.5l released

2008-02-28 - 0.5k released

2008-02-27 - 0.5j released

2008-02-24 - 0.5i released

2008-02-22 - 0.5h released

2008-02-19 - 0.5g released

2008-02-07 - 0.5f released

2008-02-06 - 0.5e released

2008-02-05 - 0.5d released

2008-02-01 - 0.5c released

2008-01-30 - 0.5b released

2008-01-25 - 0.5a released

2008-01-16 - ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar updated

2007-12-20 - 0.4z released

2007-12-19 - 0.4y released

2007-12-19 - ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar updated

2007-12-17 - 0.4x released

2007-12-13 - 0.4w released

2007-12-12 - 0.4v released

Besides the neurite BLAST first stage, this release is a deep cleanup of little usability annoyances that were just getting me.

2007-12-07 - 0.4u released

2007-12-05 - 0.4t released

2007-12-03 - 0.4s released

2007-11-26 - 0.4r released - java 1.5.0 support

2007-11-22 - 0.4q released

2007-11-20 - 0.4p released

2007-11-19 - 0.4o released

2007-11-19 - 0.4n released

2007-11-19 - 0.4m released

2007-11-17 - 0.4l released

2007-11-16 - 0.4k released

From here thanks to Davi Bock for his detailed feedback and suggestions.

2007-11-13 - 0.4j released

2007-11-09 - ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar updated

2007-11-09 - 0.4i released

2007-11-01 - 0.4h released

2007-09-25 - 0.4g released

2007-09-20 - 0.4f released

2007-09-20 - 0.4e released

2007-09-15 - 0.4d released

2007-09-12 - 0.4c released

2007-09-11 - 0.4b released

2007-08-29 - 0.4a released

This release is not ready for database use. Use XML projects instead.
You should be using java 1.6.0. Please ask your local system administrator to install it. You can check in ImageJ's menu Plugins -> Utilities -> ImageJ Properties which java version you are using.

2007-06-20 - 0.3v released

2007-06-19 - 0.3u released - Janelia Farms release

2007-05-01 - 0.3t released

2007-04-18 - 0.3s released

2007-04-17 - 0.3r released

2007-04-04 - 0.3q released

2007-03-23 - 0.3p released

2007-02-23 - 0.3o released

2007-02-21 - 0.3n released

2007-02-11 - 0.3m released

2006-12-27 - 0.3l released

2006-12-16 - 0.3k released

2006-12-02 - 0.3j released

2006-10-02 - 0.3i released

2006-09-30 - 0.3h released

2006-09-28 - 0.3g released

2006-07-24 - 0.3f released

From here a HUGE thanks to Wayne Pereanu for using these beta versions and reporting bugs and issues.

2006-07-23 - 0.3e released

2006-07-18 - 0.3d released

2006-07-13 - 0.3c released

2006-07-06 - 0.3b released

2006-06-02 - 0.3a released

2006-05-20 - 0.2d released

2006-05-18 - 0.2c released

0.2b released