Package ini.trakem2.imaging

Interface Summary
ImagePreprocessor Any class implementing this interface is suitable as an image preprocessor for a TrakEM2 project.
The role of the preprocessor is to do whatever is necessary to the given ImagePlus object before TrakEM2 ever sees the pixels of its ImageProcessor.

Class Summary
BinaryInterpolation2D Given two binary images of the same dimensions, generate an interpolated image that sits somewhere in between, as specified by the weight.
Blending Utility functions for blending images together, to remove contrast seams.
ContrastPlot Copied and modified from Wayne Rasband's ImageJ ContrastPlot inner class in ij.plugin.frame.ContrastAdjuster class, in ImageJ 1.43h.
LayerStack This class represents an entire LayerSet of Patch objects only, as it is presented read-only to ImageJ.
PatchStack Assumed is all Patch instances in the array are of the same size, live in consecutive layers of the same thickness.
StitchingTEM Given: - list of images - grid width - known percent overlap This class will attempt to find the optimal montage, by applying phase-correlation, and/or cross-correlation, and/or SIFT-based correlation) between neighboring images.
StitchingTEM.PhaseCorrelationParam Phase correlation parameters class