Valerio Mante

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044 635 30 51
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I obtained a Diploma in Physics from the ETH Zurich in 2000, and a PhD in Neuroscience from the ETH Zurich in 2005. From 2006-2013 I was postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Since 2013 I am a group leader at INI. In my lab we use a combination of experimental and computational approaches to study the neural computations underlying cognitive processes like decision-making and attention.

Avaliable Positions/Projects

PhD/Postdoc position to study the neural mechanisms of primate cognition during natural behaviors [Paid Position]

This position is part of a project to study the neural mechanisms of cognition by combining large-scale recordings of naturalistic behaviors and neural activity in monkeys with methods from machine learning and computational neuroscience.



INI-401, 227-1037-00 Introduction to Neuroinformatics
INI-701, 227-1043-00 Neuroinformatics - Colloquia





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  • Rust NC, Mante V, Simoncelli EP, Movshon JA How MT cells analyze the motion of visual patterns., Nat Neurosci., 9:(11) 1421-31, 2006



  • Durand, S and Freeman, T C B and Mante, V and Kiper, DC and Carandini, M Cross-orientation suppression in cat V1 with very fast stimuli., Soc Neurosci Abs, 27: Program number 12.10, 2001
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