Stefan Braun

PhD Student
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As a PhD student, I dedicate my research to bringing perceptional capabilities to machines.
I especially focus on automatic speech recognition. This involves research in areas such as deep learning, and developing methods using recurrent neural networks and other state-of-the art methods in this research domain.

My intention is not only to achieve good results on standard artificial benchmarks, but to also develop methods that are robust and fast enough for real world applications (e.g. noisy environments, limited computational power). Event-based sensors such as the event-driven spiking cochlea and their use together with spiking neural networks are key components to achieve these goals.


Shih-Chii Liu



  • Braun, S., Neil, D., Anumula, J.,. Ceolini, E., and Liu, S-C. Multi-channel attention for end-to-end speech recognition, 2018 Interspeech, 2018


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