Richard George

PhD Student -- ended Dec 2017
Work phone:

As a Biomedical Engineer, I obtained my Bachelors degree at HAW Hamburg in 2011. Here I participated in the development of a wireless body area sensor network for medical applications.
For my Masters Degree in the same field (2013), I specialized in Neural Engineering at HTW des Saarlandes and Fraunhofer IBMT, where I had the oppurtunity to develop a real-time compression scheme for bioelectric signals for an active intelligent implant.
Also in 2013 I worked as a Research Assistant at Insitut fuer Neuro-/Bioinformatik at the University of Lubeck

Currently I continue my work in the general field of electrophysiological data acquisition and neuromorphic processing systems of such data as a PHd student under the supervision of Prof. Indiveri.
My scientific interests lie in the application of Spiking Neural Networks in Signal Processing, biologically plausible memory optimization in Neural Networks as well as their implementation in digital and analogue Hardware in the field of neuroprosthetics and brain-machine-interfaces.

In my spare time I enjoy industrial design, electronics projects and the moral philosophical and ethical questions of neuroscience.



  • George, R. M., Indiveri, G., Vassanelli, V. Activity Dependent Structural Plasticity in Neuromorphic Systems, IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference, 2018




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