Florian Schuler

PhD Student -- ended Jul 2018
Work phone:
+41 (0)44 635 30 17
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My background is medical with an experience of two years of clinical work in a hospital. I am fascinated by the precision with which our brain generates movements. And with increasing practice, movements get each time even more precise. It is not yet clear how the neurons in the brain communicate with one another to generate these fine tuned movements. My PhD project at INI focuses on the microcircuit in primary motor cortex. The goal is to construct a biologically realistic spiking model which is able to generate the precision grip.

Like discovering the mechanisms of neocortical computation I also like discovering new places and foreign cultures. Furthermore, I like water sports like scuba diving, sailing and whitewater kayaking, being convinced that a big part of improvement in performance in these activities can be ascribed to plasticity in the brain, another fascinating topic.

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